'Pure and Simple' klaar voor de Amerikaanse markt

1 april 2017
Love it!

Op 04/04/2017 brengt de Amerikaanse uitgeverij Abrams Books Pure and Simple uit, een vertaling van het zesde boek van Pascale Naessens Puur Eten 2.

In Pure and Simple, Pascale Naessens shares her method for staying happy, healthy, and slim, with more than 60 recipes. She recommends a lifestyle that embraces only natural, unprocessed foods, but she is not advocating for a diet dominated by restrictions. Instead she celebrates delicious meals, pleasure, and health. 


Ontdek Pure and Simple op de Engelse website van Pascale Naessens.



Abrams Books

Je kan het boek online kopen via de volgende links.

“Forget calories, focus on food quality, and let your body do the rest! Pascale Naessens shows how to put this prescription into practice with delicious recipes in her beautiful book Pure & Simple.”

— David S. Ludwig, MD, PhD, author of, Always Hungry?