Wall rack

Love it!

The wall rack is the third piece in the furniture line designed by Pascale Naessens.

Oak is one of the strongest and most attractive wood species. For Pascale's furniture, young oak is used. Every oak tree has grown in different circumstances, giving each tree a special character, expressed through its growth rings, knots, hardness, etc. It is a living material; in this sense, every wall rack is unique.

The oval shape was inspired by natural, organic forms and is also used in the other pieces of furniture in the line.

The wall rack is available in six colors, specially designed in collaboration with WOCA, a Danish company specialized in the production of environmentally friendly staining oils. These oils better allow the structure of the oak to be revealed in all its glory. They are also water resistant.


Would you like to know where you can buy this wall rack? Have a look at the MMood website.

'Oak is natural and warm. It is no coincidence that we feel better when we are surrounded by natural materials, because we are also a part of nature.'

Pascale Naessens - Meubelen wandrek
Pascale Naessens - Meubelen wandrek
Pascale Naessens - Meubelen wandrek