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I’m a true bon vivant and romantic. I love taking my time and cozy dining, but I also love a slim and healthy body. To me, ‘healthy eating’ doesn’t mean ‘less, boring, and tasteless food’ but rather ‘more, varied, and appetizing food’. It’s freely enjoying life to its fullest.

I’ve introduced one rule to help ensure that I eat healthily on a daily basis. One rule that will support you and ensure that you make healthier choices.

Don’t combine fast carbohydrates with proteins

2 minor rules
Only eat natural ingredients
Don’t spare the olive oil

Because of that, you’ll eat differently:
You’ll abandon the conventional way of eating, which is serving potatoes with every dish. Now, you have to make a choice:

  • fish + vegetables
  • meat + vegetables
  • cheese + vegetables
  • carbohydrates + vegetables

This results in:  

  • more vegetables.
  • fewer fast carbohydrates like potatoes, bread and pasta.
  • better digestion of your food through the simple food combinations.
  • it gives support in a world of excess. It brings calm.


In this way, you eat far fewer addictive, fast carbohydrates. I substitute these with extra vegetables and more fat, especially olive oil. Which means, I’m completely on the side of the new, emerging scientific school of thought that says we don’t need so many carbohydrates. The idea that carbohydrates are neutral and should form the basis if our food pyramid is not substantiated by a great deal of scientific proof, says researcher Lydia Bazzano, while Time magazine talks about ‘Ending the war on fat’.

Conventional nutritional theories promote a lot of carbohydrates and little fat, whereas the new school of thought recommends the opposite: fewer carbohydrates and a reassessment of fats. This progressive approach to food is evident throughout the whole world and is gaining traction. Renowned researchers and experts are producing more and more studies which show that fewer fast carbohydrates and more fat (olive oil) have a positive effect on body weight, diabetes, cholesterol levels and cardiovascular disease.

On paper and for some, carbohydrates are probably okay, but for me and for so many others they constitute an enormous problem! My body can’t deal with so many fast and modified carbohydrates. I become tangled in the trap because they are highly rewarding. When that happens, I become very dependent, very quickly and my hormones rage out of control. Lots of people experience the same problem and it’s also the root cause of obesity and type-2 diabetes.

I haven’t eaten fast carbohydrates for 20 years and I don’t have a problem with my weight or an addictive eating disorder. I have boundless energy and my doctor has been more than satisfied with the results of my blood chemistry tests for the last few years. The same goes for my husband.

So, no excess of fast carbohydrates for me, but a balanced allocation of fats, proteins and good sources of carbohydrates. It’s been my staple diet for years and I feel great, and apparently so do many other people who switch to this way of eating. Many people email me to say that: they have more energy, and with little effort, they have lost a lot of weight. I often read, “this is easy to stick with”. Readers also testify to a positive effect on chronic ailments like high cholesterol, type-2 diabetes, stomach and intestinal disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatic disorders, etc.


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'Cooking is about romance, about communicating with each other, about history, about feeling, about creating, about health, but perhaps above all about enjoyment.'

Pascale Naessens