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Pascale Naessens’ keto kitchen

Pascale Naessens and two experts share their views on the ketogenic diet (or keto diet, for short).

  • What is it?
  • Who can follow this diet?
  • How does it differ from Pascale’s moderately low-carbohydrate way of eating?

‘Keto’ has become a popular term, but there is a lot of confusion about it. What exactly does keto mean? In this book, Pascale Naessens hopes to provide insight into what a keto diet is and how it differs from her way of eating, which is more ‘moderately low-carbohydrate’. It’s the only way to help you decide if this is a diet that will work for you. A keto diet is, after all, restrictive and relatively extreme: exceptionally few carbs and excessive amounts of fat.

Pascale Naessens wrote this book together with two experts with whom she works regularly. Endocrinology professor Hanno Pijl discusses the advantages and disadvantages of a keto diet for patients with diabetes. Doctor William Cortvriendt goes in-depth into the positive effects of a keto diet on cancer treatment, a subject about which he has recently written a book due for release in September.

Are you unable to lose weight with a moderately low-carbohydrate way of eating and would you like to find out whether a keto diet could be right for you? Follow the 14-day keto diet. If you’re enthusiastic about the diet, there are enough recipes in this book for a third week. After this, you’ll know the ropes and be able to choose from the many other keto recipes in Pascale’s books.

This book contains 60 recipes, including 30 new creations, all adjusted to include the right amounts of carbs, fats and proteins to allow you to reach ketosis quickly and healthily.

This book is available in Belgium from  May 14, 2020. Order your copy on Lannoo’s website or buy the book at your favorite local (online) bookstore.

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“Do you want to find out if a keto diet works for you?”