She Didn’t Slip, She Wasn’t Pushed, She Fell Head Over Heels in Love

31 December 2015
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Love it!

As published in the Gazette van Detroit on 19/11/2015

(Paula Marckx meets a younger alter ego)

The first time I heard the name Pascale Naessens was when her name was romantically linked with one of our leading TV personalities in the beginning of the nineties. She was and still is a beauty, a young lady who had been modeling since her 18th birthday all over the world, a perfect match for the time being, but that was without taking Pascale into consideration. She took her entire young life in her own hands, not planning what she wanted the future to bring her, just having an open mind and a deep down feeling of what she was ready to achieve. And then go for it. It was as simple as that.

So in walked a teenager right from the school benches that she just left to the building of a model casting office in Ghent, the nearest big town to her neighborhood, to ask if they were willing to hire her. She was focusing on a fash- ion modeling job on a red carpet somewhere, but the men behind the desk looked her all over and concluded she was too fat. This was the last thing she expected to hear. She didn’t consider herself fat at all, quite the contrary. But before she left, the man mentioned she would be a perfect fit as a picture model. Why not? It was a start. She was on her way to conquer the globe.

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