What is the best way to get to know my way of living and cooking? You can read my book, visit my website or attend my presentations. But the very best way is probably just to get started in your own kitchen.

In my way of eating, the focus is not on ‘willpower’ but on the ‘food’ itself. If you switch to natural foods, you’ll notice that you start to feel and think differently. You no longer crave industrial convenience foods. Your brain develops a constructive relationship with natural foods, your body recognizes that type of foodstuff and signals convert all of that into feelings of fullness and satisfaction.

I used to be addicted to bread and fast carbohydrates. Now, I have no trouble choosing ‘natural foods’ not because I have more willpower, but simply because my body no longer craves modified foods.

If you want to succeed in switching to a healthier way of eating, then there are 2 criteria that should be met:

  • the food has to be tasty, and
  • you must always leave the table satisfied.

Simply try it yourself. To whet your appetite, I’ve selected some recipes from Natural Food. My cookbooks are available online from Lannoo webshopAmazon and or from any reputable bookseller.