Puur Pascale now available in stores

8 September 2016
Love it!

Good news! Pascale Naessens’ finest and most consummate cookbook yet, Puur Pascale Beter eten is beter leven (in English: Pure Pascale – Healthy food for healthy living) goes on sale today...

This latest cookbook by Pascale Naessens, Puur Pascale – Beter eten is beter leven, is presented in a larger, more lavish, format. It boasts more photographs, more appeal, more recipes, more lifestyle and more scientifically based nutrition advice. It is the most intimate and ambient cookbook she has written since her first cookbook was published in 2010. She seamlessly captures her lifestyle, that perfect blend of congeniality and romance, in word and imagery. Beautifully set tables attest her creativity, love of nature, good food and tasteful ceramics.

Pascale takes pure, natural ingredients and turns them into more than 75 simple, delectable and healthy dishes. This seventh cookbook is the most consummate and innovative of the entire series. Pascale Naessens made it clear to her readers that they could enjoy tasty, nutritious and healthy food without censure. She inspired an entire movement that only continues to grow. Her philosophy and recipes have made her the bestselling author in Belgium and she has even become quite popular abroad, attracting an ever-increasing number of fans.

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This book is available for purchase via the Lannoo webshop or from any reputable bookstore.