Puur Eten 2 bestselling book in Flanders

10 January 2016
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The Flemish, it seems, are still enamoured with healthy eating. As with her cookbook Pure Food 1 a year earlier, Pascale Naessens’ cookbook Pure Food 2 became the bestselling book in Flanders.

According to the market research firm GFK, 70,787 copies of the cookbook were sold last year. ‘The Girl on the Train’ by Paula Hawkins ranked second and the sequel to the popular Fifty Shades of Grey series, ‘Grey,’ ranked third. ‘Pure Food 1’ ranked fourth a year after its release date, outselling a series of popular comic strips.

Each of Pascale Naessen’s six published books have reached the nonfiction top 10, a unicum in Flanders. With her lifestyle books, Pascale initiated a universal movement toward healthy, tasty and harmonious living.

Her healthy life philosophy is gaining even more traction in countries such as The Netherlands, Germany, France and French-speaking Belgium.


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