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Don’t combine fast carbohydrates with proteins

2 minor rules
Only eat natural ingredients
Don't spare the olive oil

Concentrated carbohydrates: quinoa, lentils, beans, chickpeas, potatoes*, bread*, pasta*, rice*, cereals / grains*.

* These are fast carbohydrates, I rarely eat them because they release their sugars very quickly into the blood and cause a spike in blood sugar levels. Consider them comfort food. Read here: Good sources of carbohydrates.

Concentrated proteins: fish, meat, cheese, seitan, soy, Quorn, …

In practice

This translates as:

  • Substitute bread in the morning with a bowl of fruit.
  • Substitute your potatoes for an extra portion of vegetables.
  • Don’t spare the olive oil

It takes a while to adjust at the start, but once your body gets used to just having natural food, it won’t want anything else.

Nothing in life is black and white. Especially food. I want to enjoy life and exclude nothing. My idea is that 70 to 80% of what you eat should be basic food. That means natural food that has something to offer your body: vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, fish, meat, eggs, … In addition, 20 to 30% can be what I call ‘comfort food’: dessert, bread, French fries, and cake are also included. It’s this 100% that turns you into someone happy and healthy. Every day, I have a piece of dark chocolate with my green tea. Delicious!


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