Pure woodwork

Love it!

There is no doubt in the mind of culinary author and ceramist Pascale Naessens: “Working with beautiful and handy objects in the kitchen makes you happy.” Based on this philosophy, Pascale has designed two new collections for the successful ‘Pure’ line which she keeps expanding little by little, in collaboration with Serax. Cooking pots and pans in different colours that not only indulge the chef with unsurpassed ease of use, but look beautiful when set on the dinner table. In addition, she has also designed an exquisite collection of wooden objects that are the ultimate companions to the cooking pots, both in the kitchen and on the table.
Cooking with beautiful and practical objects makes you happy
Cutting boards and wooden spoons are indispensable in the kitchen. But even here Pascale found it difficult to work comfortably with the standard versions of these kitchen aids. For the 'Pure' carbonised ash wood kitchen accessories with a natural oil coating, she chose pure, simple shapes, and a colour that extends throughout the entire collection, a design in which the wood speaks for itself. Functional cutting boards with rounded edges for easier handling and a gutter that collects excess liquid. Wooden spoons and spatulas that, thanks to their innovative design and aesthetics, extend their usability from the kitchen to the table to serve the food waiting in the stylish pots and pans. And, last but not least, a series of undeniably striking wooden trays that are not only convenient to use, but also become beautiful eye-catchers on the table. Pure by Pascale Naessens for Serax, for happy moments in the kitchen and at the table that make it worth your while.
Would you like to know where to purchase the woodwork? Take a look at Serax's website.

"Working with beautiful and handy objects in the kitchen makes you happy."