Pure Food 1 (Dutch)

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Pure food that makes you happy

Pascale Naessens reduces food to its essence, which has given her and many thousands of others a life full of energy.

She is a best-selling culinary author in Belgium. Her books have helped to create a new food 'movement'. People are once again discovering that they can enjoy their food, while at the same time losing weight and staying healthy. Many doctors have praised her books. She is Belgium's new cooking revelation.

Pascale Naessens: 'Most people have the wrong idea about healthy food. They think it means an end to the "good life" - but the opposite is true. I now eat much more than in the past and I never eat "light" products. I use a lot of fat, don't count calories and can eat as much as I want at any meal. I always leave the table with a full stomach. I enjoy my food to the full and never have to feel guilty about what I am eating. What's more, I never put on an ounce of weight! My food is food that gives you energy. And it is very simple and easy to make. But with ordinary ingredients I make special dishes. In short, it is food that makes you happy.


9789401418805 (Dutch edition)



You can buy this book online from the Lannoo webshop. This book is not available in English.

Pascale Naessens - Puur Eten cover
Pascale Naessens