Pure fleur de sel

Love it!

The experience of fine and healthy dining becomes even more pleasant with Pure fleur de sel, a perfect addition to the Pure tableware line and new table linen.
Pure, the first collection introduced to the market by the Antwerp design label Serax, needs no introduction. National and international amateur chefs and professional chefs of reputable, starred restaurants are crazy about these natural forms and colors. Pure is in the business of forming the canvas for culinary creations worldwide.
Pascal Naessens is now extending her existing tableware line to include a collection of table linen, Pure fleur de sel and Pure pepper.
As usual, Pascale searched for biological products and ended up in the Spanish Salinas. This fleur de sel is the perfect seasoning for all dishes. The rich flavor gives more dimensions to the food preparation than any other types of salt.
Would you like to know where to buy Pure fleur de sel? Visit the Serax website.

Pascale Naessens - Pure fleur de sel
Pascale Naessens - Pure fleur de sel