Fruit salad with coconut milk and mixed seeds

Love it!

Cut the fruit into pieces. Take about a quarter of the fruit and mix it in a blender, until it forms a coulis. Spoon the coulis, the coconut milk and the mixed seeds over the rest of the fruit.


Coconut milk is made from grated coconut mixed with water, from which the resulting liquid is then pressed out. As a result, coconut milk is very fluid. If you use more grated coconut, the fluid becomes thicker, so that we then speak of coconut cream. Be on your guard against coconut milk that contains industrial thickeners. thickeners should never be used in coconut milk.

For a delicious winter breakfast you can add soaked and warmed prunes, cooked apples or pears, cinnamon and/or ginger powder. These delicious combinations will soon warm you up on a cold winter morning! and as far as your health is concerned, nothing beats a fruit breakfast. No other kind of breakfast can offer you so much in terms of vitamins, minerals and valuable nutrients.

Go to your local health food store, buy all different kinds of seeds and keep them together in the same jar. All you need to do each morning is open the lid, put in your hand and you have an instant portion of delicious mixed seeds. They give a real boost to your reserves of omega-3 fatty acids (present in linseed, hemp seeds and chai seeds) and are also rich in minerals.

'This is what I eat every morning for breakfast. It is also great in smaller portions as a between-meals snack. Fruit salad is a huge bomb of essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and valuable nutrients.'

Fruitsalade met kokosmelk en gemengde zaden - Pascale Naessens
serves 2
  • mixed fruits of the season
  • coconut milk
  • mixed seeds (linseed, chia seeds,
    hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc.)

15 min