Pascale Naessens - Heerlijk stoomkoken cover

Pascale Naessens cooks with steam

18 March 2014
Love it!

Steam cooking is becoming more and more popular. For fans of this particular method of cooking, Pascale Naessens has revised some of her most delicious recipes for the steam cooker.

Cooking with the Miele steam oven is a very specific process. In answer to numerous requests from her many fans, Pascale has transformed 60 of the tastiest recipes from her different books, so that they can now be cooked using steam. She has remained true to her basic philosophy of cooking, which combines healthy fats with good food combinations. The recipes and the rest of the book are written in her typically warm style.

For Pascale Naessens, cooking is a way to retreat into a world where she can be surrounded by the people she loves. Her books are about much more than just cooking. They are also about romance, communicating with each other, creativity, and health - but above all about enjoyment. For this book, Pascale has rewritten 60 of her best recipes, so that they can be cooked using a Miele steam oven. This is a different way of cooking, but one that is in keeping with Pascale's belief that food should be healthy, easy to prepare and full of flavor.


You can buy this book (in Dutch) online from the Lannoo webshop or from your local bookstore. 

Pascale Naessens - Heerlijk stoomkoken cover