Pascale Naessens’ books now available in German, French, English and Chinese

30 January 2015
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Pascale Naessens’ books and her healthy life philosophy are appealing to more and more people.

According to the market research firm GFK, based on bookstore sales figures, all five of her cookbooks  feature in the top-20 best-selling books of 2014. Pure Food was the best-selling book of 2014 across all genres. Her other books reached positions 4, 5, 6, 8 and 12.  In 2013, Pascale Naessens was already the best-selling author in Flanders.

Her books and ideas are also becoming quite popular abroad. Pascale Naessens and Lannoo have just signed agreements with several international publishers.

In Germany, Munich’s renowned publishing house, ZS Verlag is set to release its German publication of Natural Food 1 from April 2015 and then it will publish Natural Food 2 in the autumn. 

In France, the Parisian publishing company Solar is set to publish Natural Food 2 in French in May 2015. The books will also be distributed throughout French-speaking Belgium. 

Natural Food 2 is scheduled for release in the same period by Hubei in China. 

The English language translation of her book Natural Food was well received both in the USA and in Great Britain. 

In The Netherlands, as Flemish author, Pascale Naessens has sold more than 25,000 books and the number of fans, on social media too, continues to grow. This is evident from the number of visitors to her new website

Pascale won the Gourmand World Cookbook Award twice, the Prestige Award in 2013 and Best Cookbook Series in 2014. She’s also nominated this year for the Best of the World award.

Her Pure tableware line, which she developed in collaboration with Serax, continues to experience international success, as has the furniture line that she designed for MMood. 

Her next book, Pure Food 2, is scheduled for release at the end of August 2015.