Openhartig over eten (Dutch)

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Pascale Naessens in conversation with her readers

Pascale Naessens speaks candidly with her readers about nutrition

The benefits of good nutrition is of vital importance to many people these days. Culinary author Pascale Naessens met with a few of her readers to better understand the role of nutrition in human health and wellbeing. The ensuing talks were profound and lengthy and gave particular insight into the changes in their lives after they’d stopped preparing their classic, traditional dishes and had switched to, what Pascale Naessens calls, ‘My Pure Kitchen’. Some had lost weight, others had recovered well, felt fitter and healthier, had resolved eating problems, beaten anorexia or obesity or had simply found joy in life once more. The true bon vivants appreciate the deliciousness and simplicity that have come to define Pascale Naessens’ recipes.

Hilde has been battling with her weight her entire life. So, how was she able to lose twenty kilos, when in the past it’d been deemed an impossible task?

Caro has broken free of her eating disorder. Was good nutrition the catalyst or simply her salvation?

Evi suffered from burnout. How important was good nutrition in her recovery?

Ireen never liked to cook. So, why does she like to cook now?

Margareta struggled with gastrointestinal problems and met with various different doctors, to no avail. Nutrition can help her.

Agnès reversed her Type 2 diabetes, simply by adjusting her diet.

Everyone has their own story. 'Open-hearted about food' includes a series of personal testimonies that are both beautiful and honest. They are all equally surprising. Some stories are truly amazing, others are rather poignant and will touch your heart. This book is intended to highlight the power of nutrition through readers’ shared experiences.



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This book is intended to highlight the power of nutrition through readers’ shared experiences.