New: Pure Pascale 2

18 August 2017
Love it!

'Pure Pascale 2' is the second in the series 'Pure Pascale', a weightier edition with more recipes, more pictures and more lifestyle tips than her previous books.

The preface of 'Puur Pascale 2' was written by the international nutritional authority Dariush Mozaffarian, formerly a Harvard Professor and now Dean of Tufts University, School of Nutrition Science & Policy in Boston:

"This book is not just a cookbook. It's a refreshingly optimistic and constructive philosophy about food that chooses well-being and vitality over weight loss, quality over quantity, self-determination over guilt and disapproval, and enjoymemt over boring soberness. "

Many of us want to eat healthier but wonder: how do you do that? How do you become motivated and especially how do you stay motivated? It’s got little to do with willpower but a lot to do with curiosity and insight. Get started with this book and before you know it, you’ll be amazed at your own ability. Learn the secrets of a natural cuisine and intuitive food. Build a new, harmonious relationship with your body. Pure Pascale 2 is filled with valuable insights to truly feed your body, full of delicious and simple recipes that give your body more energy, making you healthier and more energetic. In short, to fully enjoy your life.

Pure Pascale 2 is once again a real lifestyle cookbook with beautiful atmospheric pictures of nature and ingredients... She devotes a lot of attention to her knowledge of ingredients like mushrooms, carrots, celeriac, spinach, broccoli... which she then uses in delicious dishes.

Pure Pascale 2 is available from August 22.