Love it!

I have now been eating according to your ideas for about 3 months and it is especially when I don’t eat like this that I notice what a difference it actually makes.
For my entire life, I have been struggling (about 31 years) with not having enough energy, getting tired quickly and especially the feeling that the rest of the world has exactly twice the amount of energy I have. This not only affects me on a physical level but even more so in terms of my state of mind.
It was three months ago that I reached the bottom. The result was burn out and it nearly cost me my relationship. That is when I decided to do something about it and read your books. I must admit, I did not believe it at first, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to just give it a try anyway. I quickly started to experience more energy and became happier. This automatically did wonders for my relationship.
As a bonus I lost 3 kilo’s and feel so much more comfortable with my body. I have particularly noticed that I am sensitive to milk products and gluten. Every now and then I can enjoy something ‘sinful’, but I mostly do that in the evening when at a restaurant. That way I have less difficulty with the immediate impact of heaviness in my stomach and in my head. I thank you with all my heart.