My Pure Kitchen 2 (Dutch)

Love it!

Deliciously healthy dishes with a Mediterranean feel, but simple and quick to prepare

It is what we all want: to enjoy delicious food without much work, stay healthy and not get fat. Now you can - with my pure kitchen. Eating doesn't always have to be a battle against calories. With Pascale's recipes you can maximize pleasure without feeling guilty and without putting on weight, which is wonderfully liberating! Every mouthful you eat is good for your body. At last, you can enjoy all the flavors you have missed for so long. It is so satisfying in so many different ways. Pure enjoyment!

The simple secret to Pascale's success lies in the pureness of her cooking. The basis is good food combinations and the right fats. It is not a diet, but is a way of eating that will automatically make you healthier. You will feel more alert, have more energy and also lose weight. It is a way of eating that everyone can try and from which everyone will soon reap the benefits. The success of Pascale Naeseens' first My Pure Kitchen book was spectacular. In these recipes for the colder and darker months, she remains true to her cooking philosophy: good food combinations, healthy ingredients and the right fats. There are dishes for autumn, winter and the festive season - but you can also enjoy them all year round.


9789020917109 (Dutch edition)



You can buy this book online from the Lannoo webshop. This book is not available in English.

Pascale Naessens - Mijn Pure Keuken 2 cover
Pascale Naessens