My Pure Kitchen 1 (Dutch)

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Enjoy your food as much as you like and still stay thin!

During her modeling career, Pascale had to constantly watch her eating habits. But she refused to live a life of counting calories every day. She wanted to enjoy her food and so she went in search of a different way of eating. And she found it. A way of eating that is tasty, nutritious and filling, but still allows you to stay healthy and slim. A way of eating that appeals to the model, bon-vivant and romanticist in her - and to her husband, Paul Jambers. Because the way to a man's heart is through his stomach!

Pascale found the right balance in her pure cooking, which allows her to enjoy her food as much as she likes, without feeling guilty.  The basis of her cuisine is good combinations, healthy ingredients and the right fats. Her recipes are surprisingly simple yet special, and are very easy to make. All her recipes have now been collected together for the first time in a book with a strong Mediterranean flavor, based on fish, olive oil, vegetables and fresh herbs - and an occasional cut of meat for its vitamin B12!


9789020926651 (Dutch edition)



You can buy this book online from the Lannoo webshop. This book is not available in English.

Pascale Naessens - Mijn Pure Keuken 1 cover
Pascale Naessens