Love it!

Monique and her family lost dozens of kilos, and rid themselves of other ailments too

I now have all your books and every day is a great day for us. I’d first like to tell you that I myself have lost 30 kg with eating in such a healthy way, and I’m not the only one! My husband has lost 25 kg and my son 15 kg, and all of us feel really good. It keeps being said (no sugar, no wheat) that you will gain or have more energy, that’s true of course, but not only that, and I’d like to tell you about that.

When walking, my husband’s legs would no longer cooperate, and after several visits to various doctors there was no improvement. Not a single doctor could find the cause, but miraculously his symptoms have disappeared, thanks to this healthy eating pattern, and now we go on long walks without his legs getting stiff. I personally have also been cured of a few ailments: in the beginning I had to use an inhaler twice a day, due to the fine particles present in the air which I was sensitive to. A small eczema rash on my face has also disappeared and my ankles are no longer stiff when I get up in the morning. And that’s just thanks to healthy good food (after trying many different diets which I couldn’t stick to).

It’s a pity that so many years went by when we didn’t feel healthy. There’s just one thing I can say: Thanks, Pascale, we’re full of energy and happy.

Healthy greetings,