Love it!

I was standing in front of the mirror one day and thought to myself, darn, now I‘ve had enough. I simply do not feel comfortable in this body of mine; I have to do something about it NOW! It is now 10 months later…

‘’I have been feeling uncomfortable in my skin for a couple of years, and it started with gaining weight due to the fact that I stopped smoking and had bad eating habits. But about 10 months ago I was standing in front of the mirror and I thought; darn now it is enough. As a woman I do not feel comfortable in this body of mine, so do something about it NOW! I searched the internet for all possible diets, every one of them with its own principles and perspectives. I was determined to do it on my own. Suddenly I came across articles and recipes from you and. I started to read it critically and learned the principle of the low carbohydrate and healthy diet. The more I read the more I became absolutely convinced of your vision and way of thinking about nutrition.

I started confidently and now 8 months later I have already lost 15 kg (combined with exercise) and I feel very good. This result in itself already makes me very happy and what has really helped me is the new perspective I have received when it comes to nutrition, food and cooking as a whole. An entire new world has opened up for me! I really haven’t felt for one second that I was on a ‘diet’. Just unbelievable, it was not difficult at all (most diets are), just the opposite; it was a joy to eat. Plus I don’t miss the carbohydrates at all! My colleagues at work (I am a nurse) noticed the transformation and have asked me so many times, how I got it right and when I will be going back to ‘normal’ eating habits. I just tell them ‘for me this is the new normal’, I have never enjoyed eating this much and never felt this good. I will not even consider ever returning to a high carbohydrate diet!!!

Thank you Pascale, you are an enormous inspiration to me and I also love your kitchen, ceramics and tables ;-)’’