Love it!

After a year, a lot lighter and more energetic!


It is now a year since I changed course and began devouring your books and all the delicious recipes.

I’m still a great fan – I enjoy the recipes, I feel fantastic and I’ve sooo much energy despite my busy job – and as a bonus, I’m now 39 kg lighter.

It’s true, it takes some time and preparation – I draw up a weekly menu, which I then base my shopping on and plan efficiently.

But most of the recipes are very simple and ready quickly, so it would cost more time to queue at the chip shop, in a manner of speaking. I follow the recipes 90% of the time and I ‘sin’ occasionally (when I’m in a restaurant or with friends). The funny thing is that my body lets me know immediately that I should quickly return to ‘good’ food, so that’s what I do :-).

My sincere thanks again for all your work and the great books – I can hardly wait for another one to be published…

I wish you every success in everything that you do!