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Pascale’s cuisine helped me regain my strength after my autoimmune disease
Hello Pascale,
In April 2014, I developed a pain in my right leg. I endured examination after examination for a whole week, a scan, MRI etc. Every day the pain became more intense, more extensive and I suffered a paralysis down the right side of my body. At one point, my husband had to dash into the hospital with me in his arms. Both of my legs had given out and I was crawling around in pain. The next day, I was subjected to a lumbar puncture. The diagnosis was Guillain-Barré syndrome (in an extremely atypical form, this disease usually presents within 48 hours). It’s an autoimmune disease where neural cell walls either become damaged or disappear altogether. The result is paralysis.
In its most difficult phase I weighed just 38 kg (height 1.64 metre and 52 years), all my reserves exhausted and my blood chemistry downright shocking. At one time, I was more than fed up with the medication and supplements, but I had no other recourse. It was either food or medication.
I’ve been a fan of yours from the get-go. I bought each book as soon as it was published. In October 2015, I studied all six books. Then, I started to eat, fruit for breakfast and soft, warm vegetable dishes in the afternoon (that was easy too) and plenty of fish and vegetables in the evening (again quite easy). Bread and potatoes were eliminated from my diet.
Within three months I’d gained 14 kg and weighed 52 kg. My husband lost about 12 kg. My blood chemistry is okay and my medication had been reduced by half in a matter of months. I attend rehabilitation once a week and I also swim once a week. Housekeeping is back on ‘my roll of honour’ and I walk four km, together with my two adopted dogs from Spain, Jup and Inca...
My two grandsons, one five years old and the other nearly four, are happy with ‘moeke’ who is now able to do fun things and who especially tries to make the little ones aware of the important relationship between our food and nature!
Karin and family