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Medication for hives replaced by Pascale Naessens’ cuisine
Dear Pascale,
Last week I told you about my husband, but I’ll let him tell the story himself...
"I’ve suffered from hives since childhood, although I had no idea what it was at the time. I had a lot of red rashes on my skin, but the worse thing was the itching. I didn’t know the cause or what the trigger was. Sometimes, I would think the problem arose from the washing powder, then it would be due to too much sun or the swings in temperature... In some periods, the rash was so unbearable that I had to take nightly showers just to find some relief. That made for a lot of sleepless nights!! I finally discussed the problem with a GP and he diagnosed my urticaria. The cause is difficult to ascertain in 70 to 90 % of cases. But ‘histamine’, a natural substance produced by the body, is thought to play an active role here. I was prescribed a tablet that after 2-3 days would put a stop to the itch. An enormous relief!!! One tiny tablet relieved me of my infernal itching. (Cetirizine, subsequently replaced by Aerius). Wonderful, if not for the fact these tablets made me chronically tired. It also became apparent that in certain periods a single tablet wasn’t enough.
I was already working on reducing consumption, natural and organic cultivation and so on. And I was already prepared to turn over a new leaf, to eliminate everything that didn’t belong in our food. At the time, we discovered the books by Pascale Naessens and they completely complemented our way of thinking. This is how we started eating healthily, with a few natural, unprocessed products. We also reduced our consumption of bread, potatoes and pasta. Within 14 days, I noticed that my hives were considerably less red and itchy. I stopped taking my medication and haven’t taken any medication since that day. Sometimes, I get a little itch, but it certainly isn’t overpowering. Just too bad, all those years of futile medicine...
Healthy foods have been around for a long time, but healthy food that is quick, attractive, seasoned well, tasty and easy to stick with hadn’t been introduced yet. Credit where credit is due. Thank you Ms. Naessens!!! I’m already itching to read you next book..."
Kind regards,
Jurgen and Tine