How to put together a festive menu

10 December 2017
Love it!

I enjoy cooking and that’s a fact. Mainly because I have a goal in mind: sitting around the table with friends or a romantic dinner with my husband. I’m not the type that disappears into the kitchen the entire evening while others are having fun, and certainly not during the holidays. I want to be part of it. I want to have fun as well! This may be the most important reason why I enjoy cooking. That’s how I create my own world so to speak, a world where romance and good food go hand in hand.

My tips for a festive menu?

  • Choose dishes that can be prepared mainly in advance.
  • Don’t prepare any dishes that you have never made before.
  • Don’t try to compete with a starred restaurant where tens of people are working in the kitchen, but try to capitalise on homely cosiness.
  • Write down all the steps you still need to do so you don’t forget them, especially small details such as sprinkling herbs on food etc.
  • Work with lists: things to buy, to organise, to make, to do,...

I went ahead and put together a delicious seafood menu, which can be completely made ahead. Click the links to view the recipes.

Appetizer: Wonderful shrimp fritters     
Starter: Spinach soup with almond flakes and egg
Main course: Zucchini with smoked salmon, soy sauce and capers
Dessert: Chocolate cheesecake

Remember: nothing is more important for the guests than to see the hostess enjoying herself!

"Remember: nothing is more important for the guests than to see the hostess enjoying herself!"