How to get the stone out of an avocado

28 July 2014
Love it!

It's always a shame when you ruin a perfectly ripe avocado because you don't know the best way to remove the stone without damaging the fruit.

I always use the following method.

  • Halve the avocado by cutting around the seed lengthwise. Rotate the two halves apart.
  • Take the half with the seed and hack a sharp knife in the pit, as if you were hitting it with an axe. Be careful with your fingers! The knife should now be fixed firmly in the pit.
  • If you remove the knife with a turning motion, the stone should come with it.

You can now work further with the avocado, removing the skin either with a knife or by hand. After this, you can slice or cube the avocado. Alternatively, you can crush it if you want to make guacamole.

Avocado goes perfectly with fish dishes. I love it especially with raw salmon, sea bass or shrimps. But it is also great in vegetable recipes, where it adds a creamy richness.

'How to stone an avocado in 1-2-3!'