Pascale Naessens

How does Pascale Naessens live?

1 October 2013
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As published in Beter Bouwen & Verbouwen
on 01/10/2014

What does lifestyle mean to you?
It is something I enjoy reading about, but I am not a trend-follower. For example, I like rural houses with authentic materials, such as wood and natural colors. That type of house says something about the people who live there. For me, a house should not be over the top or too full. But not too empty either. In magazines, you often see those 'minimalist' interiors, but I think it's more fun if some personality is on show. Then you can see that the house is lived in. Houses with little imperfections are so much more interesting. Everything shouldn't be done according to the rules. There is only one thing that counts: the owners have to like it and feel comfortable in it. A house can evolve. It says something about who you are and what you have experienced in your life. Those are the things that matter the most. 

What is your favorite room in the house?
You can often find me either in the kitchen or in my workshop. These are the rooms I prefer to be in. We have an open, live-in kitchen. It's fun to sit and talk there with your friends, while I am putting the finishing touches to our meal. It is also a place where I frequently find inspiration. It is full of books; for example, about ceramics. I enjoy just flicking through the pages; it helps me to relax. You can do more in a kitchen than just cook. You can do lots of other things as well. But that's true of every room nowadays. In the past, you had a bedroom to sleep and a bathroom to wash. Now you often find a combination with a sauna or a place where you can sit and read. For us, our house is also a kind of sanctuary, a place where we can surround ourselves with the people and things we love.

Do you attach importance to certain objects?
I create ceramics. I can enjoy the line and shape of beautiful things. There are things in the house that I have made myself; as well as some other bits and pieces I have picked up over the years. I can sit and look at them for hours - and that makes me happy.


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'I would like to grow vegetables, but sadly I don't have the time. I do grow herbs. In the spring I go searching for new plants that I can use in my recipes.'

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