Healthy, satisfying snacks

10 November 2018
Love it!

A very interesting newsletter by Tufts University on healthy snacking, featuring one of my recipes from the book 'Pure & Simple'. 

Healthy, satisfying snacks

A snack is basically 
any food or
 drink con
sumed between
 meals. Researchers
 sometimes add
 qualifiers (a snack 
is smaller than 
a meal, provides 
less calories, or
 takes place at least 
15 minutes after 
mealtime), but most 
snackers are probably 
just looking for a quick,
 convenient way to make 
it to the next meal with-out getting “hangry,” or 
a pleasurable break from the daily routine.

Snacking has been on the rise in the United States, and, according to a 2016 review in Advances in Nutrition, studies indicate that snacks now contribute close to one-third of the average American’s daily energy intake (calories). Unfortunately, highly processed, high-sugar, high-sodium foods are increasingly both available and consumed, and the snacks American’s often choose do little to either hold off hunger or nourish the body.

You can read the rest of the article, by clicking on the pdf document.

"A very interesting newsletter by Tufts University on healthy snacking"