The interplay of lines that Pascale Naessens loves so much is reflected in her work as a ceramist and is also evident in her latest challenge: the design of furniture. Her new line of furniture, characterized by its distinctive oval-shaped table, has been enthusiastically received.

Furniture for a better future. Furniture to make life more pleasant, simpler and more beautiful. Furniture to give you freedom, allowing and encouraging you to live. Furniture that is robust and long-lasting, yet also stylish. Furniture made with natural materials, whose unique patina becomes even more beautiful with age. Every mark and stain tells a story; together, they represent a picture of your life.

All the pieces of furniture have a basic oval shape and are made from oak. The Pascale Naessens furniture line consists of a table, an occasional table, a wall rack and a number of accessories.

Pascale: 'It's all about creating. Look, here on earth we don't really have all that much. You need to make it all yourself: romance, the food you eat, your health, your personal environment. These things are in your own hands. You can build your own world. I do it with everything. Whether it's houses, relationships, food or friendships, I get rid of all the unnecessary extras. I strip things right down to the essentials, and then build them back up again.'