Closed cabinet

Love it!

Give your living room an authentic touch with this closed wall cabinet by Pascale Naessens.

This closed cabinet has a beautiful finish with solid wooden slats and a handy sliding closure system. The oval is inspired by organic, natural shapes and is a recurring theme in the other pieces of furniture.

Size and color
The cabinet is available in 1 size (180 x 85 x 40cm) and in 6 different colors (Pure White, Pure Natural, Pure Grey, Pure Brown, Pure Black and Pure White Wash). The colors have been developed in collaboration with WOCA, a Danish oil manufacturer specializing in environmentally friendly oils. The oil reveals the structure of the oak even more beautifully.

The cabinet is made of 100% solid oak wood. Oak is one of the most beautiful and strongest types of wood. Each oak has grown under a different set of circumstances that determine its unique appearance, from growth rings to knots and the wood’s hardness. It’s living matter; so in that sense, each cabinet is unique.


Would you like to know where you can purchase this closed cabinet? Check out the MMood website and enter your address to find the nearest store that carries this piece of furniture.