Breakfasting like a king

10 July 2014
Love it!

I love breakfast like I love sunrise and birds pecking against our window. I must confess that I am spoiled each morning, since Paul usually makes our breakfast. My husband is no kitchen prince, but he knows how to make the most delicious fruit dishes, full of love and devotion. Every morning I eat to my heart's content, filling myself with fruit. I breakfast like a king (queen)! I couldn't start the day without it. It makes me feel good, gives me energy and takes away my hunger until lunchtime. It is much tastier and much healthier than a bread-based breakfast.

My basic breakfast consists of yoghurt or kefir with seeds. Yoghurt and kefir provide us with the proteins we need and are good for our stomach flora. The seeds are a natural source of healthy fats. They include linseed omega-3 fats and give us the necessary fibers to make our digestion work properly. In the winter, I make warm fruit dishes. 

Good to look at, good to eat and very healthy! These are the qualities of a fruit breakfast in a nutshell! But it doesn't always have to be fruit: toast with mushrooms or a fried egg with tomato compote are delicious alternatives and are also nutritious. But fruit is my absolute favorite.

'I love breakfast like I love sunrise on a beautiful autumn day.'

Pascale Naessens - Fruitontbijt