Pascale’s cookbooks are the best-selling books in Belgium. How do you explain their success?

Pascale: ‘Word of mouth’ is certainly working. It appears that people find my food not only tasty, but above all practical. They love the simplicity. You won’t get a long list of complicated ingredients from me and you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen just to prepare something surprising for dinner, although it still looks like you’ve been working for hours. As a result, people are eating better food with more flavor and, at the end of the week, much to their surprise, they find that they’re a couple of kilos lighter and healthier too, without having realized it. It’s all these factors together that make a difference.  I’ve also succeeded in proving that tasty and healthy needn’t be a case of boring or a case of having to eat ‘less’ on the contrary, it’s a case of ‘more’. You can eat more and above all get more out of life.'

Pascale Naessens’ books are the best-selling books in Belgium. Even the first book continues to vie for the top spot. She has since become a leading voice for pure and healthy eating. A number of her books have already been translated into French, English, German and Chinese. She won the Gourmand World Cookbook Award in Paris and in Beijing.

The cookbooks reflect her personality and her many different talents. She creates all the recipes, writes the text and is solely responsible for the styling, design and layout of the book. She serves her dishes on ceramic pottery that she creates in her own workshop. Her collaboration with Serax began here.

Pascale Naessens’ books are available online from Lannoo webshop, Amazon and or from a reputable bookseller.