Are we better off choosing organic foods?

10 June 2015
Love it!

People who have never eaten vegetables and fruit before, and then begin eating vegetables and fruit bought from a supermarket, reap enormous benefits. Vegetables and fruit are very healthy and that is a huge step in the right direction. Those of us, who are used to eating a lot of vegetables and fruit, and then switch to organic vegetables and fruit, are also making an improvement.

Society will have us believe that an apple treated with pesticides is just as nutritious as an organic apple, but I don’t believe it. Common sense tells me that an untreated, natural apple is still the best. Besides, it contains more salvestrol because it has had to fight to survive and bioactive substances have a positive effect on our immune system. There’s currently research into the effects of pesticides on the bacteria in our stomachs and intestines. It shows that pesticides may have a negative influence on the bacteria in our bodies. We must, therefore, be extremely careful with them.

I was very pleased this morning to hear on the radio that organic pesticides are increasing being utilized against agricultural pests, even in conventional agriculture. Those who wish to go a step further can opt to cultivate the vegetables and fruit themselves. Unfortunately, even I don’t have enough time for that.

Organic too expensive? It’s true! I think it’s too expensive as well, but quality does come with a price. The more people start buying organic, the cheaper it’ll become. Perhaps there’s still a role for the government on this issue: keep organic foods affordable. 

‘Common sense tells me that an untreated, natural apple is still the best’.