Roman Krznaric

About philosophy and Roman Krznaric

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Roman Krznaric is a contemporary philosopher and one of the most influential minds of our time. He has already published several books and is much in demand as a speaker. He is a believer in an 'Empathy Revolution'. He thinks long and hard about whether or not it is actually a good idea to think long and hard about anything.

His motto is: 'act first, think later'.

And to be honest, that's a bit how my life has been. It really doesn't pay to think too much about what you want to do or who you want to be. How can you possibly know these things? Can you look into the future? Don't set targets for a future that you cannot influence. Ask yourself instead what makes you enthusiastic here and now. What do you feel right now? Listen to your heart.

In life, the destination is not the most important thing; it is the journey to get there. The answers to all your questions will not be waiting at the end of the road; instead, you will find the answers to those questions as you travel through life day by day. If you fail to realize this, you may be very disappointed when you finally reach your goal. Because you may discover that it is not what you really wanted after all.

For this reason, I would like to add a few words to Roman Krznaric's golden rule. Because everything begins with passion; everything begins with feeling:

Feel first,
act second
and think last of all!


Foto copyright: Kate Raworth

'Act first, think later - to which I would add 'feel first' - only then should you act and finally think.'

Portret Roman Krznaric