About food science and professor Ludwig

Love it!

For her latest book Pure Pascale - It’s not a diet, it’s a way of life - Pascale Naessens travelled to Boston to interview three of the most renowned authorities on nutrition in the world. To begin with: David Ludwig, who works to combat (childhood) obesity.

The groundbreaking book of the man I’ll soon be interviewing is displayed in the window of a Harvard University bookshop. David Ludwig is a professor at Harvard University, which the CWUR (Centre for World University Rankings) views as the best university in the world. He is also a researcher at Boston Children’s Hospital - an affiliate of Harvard Medical School - and a professor of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health. Too many titles to mention, so I’m a little nervous. Ludwig is the author of the book Always Hungry? The Dutch edition, Altijd Trek?, will be available for purchase soon in Holland. As a culinary and nutrition author, I was given the honour of penning a few words for the cover and although I’ve studied his book extensively, I have never met David Ludwig. The New York Times described him as an important crusader against obesity, especially in children. I especially flew to Boston to interview him and a number of other internationally renowned authorities on nutrition. Boston is a historical town with plenty of old buildings and remnants of its glorious past, but I’m not here as a tourist.

I want to talk to David Ludwig about his ideas on nutrition, thereby lending enormous scientific credence to the nutrition advice found in my books. My books are first and foremost cookbooks, but knowledge about nutrition is also very important. And I would prefer to garner the facts from the leading experts.


I interviewed professor Ludwig in June 2016 for Feeling magazine; the full article can be found on the PDF file (in Dutch) below.