16 readers tell their stories: 'Pascale changed my life'

19 August 2015
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  • 16 readers tell their stories: 'Pascale changed my life'
Love it!

As published in Vitaya magazine in July 2015.

Pascale Naessens’ books are more than just hype. They have revolutionized the way people think about healthy food. Flemish cooking has undergone a healthy makeover. Vitaya Magazine went in search of success stories: from considerable weight loss to getting rid of migraines.

In 2010, Pascale Naessens merged her passion for cooking and health in her first ever cookbook, My Pure Kitchen. Five years and five cookbooks later, not only have the recipes changed her life, but also the lives of thousands of others as well. We invited sixteen of them to join us. Healthy, glowing women who individually and enthusiastically tell us their stories of how, by eating in a healthier way and becoming more aware of what they eat, they feel better about themselves: slimmer and brimming with energy.

Pascale is glowing too: “What better way to prove that the enjoyment of healthy food really does change lives. I’ve also struggled with eating disorders. This doesn’t make me a guru or coach, but more of a spokesperson. I want to share the experience. And it’s so nice to see how it appeals to other people. How positive the reactions are. At the same time, it leaves you with an enormous sense of responsibility. My cookbooks aren’t just a passing fad; people are changing their eating habits because of them. That’s why I make my recipes as precise and as enjoyable as possible. And I still manage to achieve that with the same passion, which has only become deeper after today!”

Photographs: Benno de Wilde

Article written by Eva Van Driessche in collaboration with Laura De Soomer and Sara Robeijns

Read the 16 inspiring stories here (in Dutch):

Rina: 'Losing weight was never a goal in itself, but before I realized it, I was suddenly seventeen pounds lighter.'