12 reasons why my recipes are healthy

18 October 2014
Love it!

I am often asked why my recipes are so healthy. Here is a list of the most important reasons:

  1. Lots of olive oil and nut oils.
  2. Lots of fish and not much meat.
  3. Lots of raw vegetables.
  4. Lots of fresh herbs and garlic.
  5. Lots of green vegetables.
  6. Lots of tomatoes.
  7. No processed products (industrial sauces, fats, white flour, soft drinks, sugar, etc.).
  8. Deliciously healthy sauces.
  9. Fruit and vegetables to prevent acidification of the body.
  10. A full feeling when leaving the table.
  11. Not many fast carbohydrates.
  12. Not many dairy products.

'In my quest for healthy and tasty food, I always come back to the same basic principles: natural ingredients, good fats and good food combinations.'

Pascale Naessens