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20 April 2016
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Reproduction of the in the journal "Feeling GOLD" published on 20.04.2016 Article

Tasty meals, taking care at the same time on the right diet: Pascale is the best proof that this works. She spoke with Professor Hanno Pijl about carbohydrates, fats and oils, diabetes mellitus type II and the latest nutritional findings.

Why is the general advice: "Pull your energy mainly from carbohydrates and avoid fat and oil"? Hanno Pijl: "These nutritional recommendations back to the well-known American researcher Ancel Keys. From his famous, conducted in the 1970s "Seven Countries Study" he derived a relationship between the consumption of saturated fatty acids and cardiovascular disease. It concluded therefore that no saturated fat to eat. But when an item is deleted in its entirety from the diet, should something else come in its place, and that was carbohydrates. Also for the sake of improving the taste the food industry then began massively to add a number of products carbohydrates and sugar. And that is the biggest reason. that today we eat such large amounts of carbohydrates. "

How is today compared to the findings of Ancel Keys? Hanno Pijl:  "Meanwhile, the seven-country study has been heavily criticized, among other things, is a scientifically improper conduct criticized. Moreover, there is in the meantime a lot of new epidemiological studies and extensive overview studies to determine a correlation between the consumption of saturated fat and heart disease can be detected in any form. What do these studies confirm, however, is a proven link between the consumption, faster 'carbohydrates and cardiovascular disease. In retrospect, we have therefore given poor nutrition advice since the 1970s. We know today, it corresponds to the current state of science. So that's in science. Since then, the influence of saturated fatty acids has been extensively studied in coronary disease, with the result that fats and oils containing such fatty acids represent no danger. "

However, although there are new studies and findings, many nutritionists advise still on the consumption of saturated fatty acids. Why? Hanno Pijl:  " Those Dutch scientists who oppose the new findings on the weir, are grown with Ancel Keys' doctrines, doctrines that were such a large dogma in the world of nutritional science that they are firmly in the minds of men anchored and it is extremely difficult for many to depart from them. "

But one must not expect of professionals that currently they are advocating for new knowledge and not convulsively cling to outdated ideas and doctrines? Hanno Pijl:  "That one would think, in fact, it is characteristic of science and scientists that they are open to insights that are different than what has hitherto been believed. "            


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"We have given poor nutrition advice for many years. Today we know that fats and oils represent any danger. "- Professor Hanno Pijl